Overview - Katinval.com


Katinval.com is owned by Katinval Consulting Inc. There are several division, Business Acumen Coaching Katinval [BACK], Katinval Office


Services [KOS], and Katinval iMarketing [KIM] and Siteworks of Katinval [SOK]


SiteWorks of Katinval [SOK]

A division named Siteworks of Katinval, develop and manages websites on the Joomla or Wordpress platform. The following sites are up and running:


9Dots99.com - An Insurance & Financial Services site, for residents of Ontario, Canada
IM-Szenasi.com - a Blog site wit a tag line "Blabbing with Brevity"
AllGoodsDigital.com  - Search & Buy site of digital goods and gadgetry that plays or delivers digital goods.
Other Sites under development are cafezz.com, bzboomer.com and others.







Business Acumen Coaching Katinval [BACK]

 jw pic 05decConsulting with small business owners in positioning themselves to acquire and retain more clients, customers and revenue generation activities.





Katinval Office Services [KOS]


bizlogoProviding Office Service functions to client companies.






Katinval iMarketing [KIM]


j0303028Pursue marketing and sales of products and services over the internet.